Project Matrika

Under this project, we wish to connect with women having fertility issues and try to address these issues through provision of medical facility or counselling. The aim is to share the pain and resolve to find solutions in the best possible way.

Support Groups

Donate Your Birthday

Return gift is a project where we would like to encourage people to donate their birthdays to orphans. Our members donate their birthdays through gifts and other goodies to hospitals and orphanages or old age homes where people are less fortunate in terms of such happiness. They have been a part of our society and may have been for some reason responsible for our privileges by getting less themselves. This project is about accepting this gift of privilege and returning the gifts that others too deserve.

Image by Thanh Tran

Maje Aai Baba

Adoption is the lifelong, life changing journey for all members. The legal transfer of parental rights provide children with love, nurturance and stability and promotes their well-being and their opportunity to become healthy & productive parents.

Image by Himanshu Singh Gurjar