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Aahna Foundation is a rigorous team working for awareness about PCOS at school level and among women. PCOS is a growing health disorder due to changing lifestyles and yet due to many ambiguous causes. This directly affects woman's mental and emotional balance and consequently her personal and social environment. This leads to disrupted relationships between men and women causing further imbalances among them. One such PCOS related problem is infertility and disturbed husband wife relationships due to it. 

'AAHNA' is working towards correcting these issues through seminars, awareness workshops and programs at local levels consisting of lower economic status. It is working towards eradicating taboos related to menstruation in our society through encouraging open conversations at homes and in society.


It is planning empowerment programs in adivasi localities at Virar and Dahanu. We provide art based, narrative therapy, psychological counselling, diet and nutritional counselling mainly related to PCOS. Our focus is to prepare women mentally and emotionally to accept infertility due to PCOS and encourage living happier life. To deal with this we also help women connect with our best gynecologists.

AAHNA's aim is to focus on women's overall development in the sense of mind body and spiritual empowerment and not limit the definition of empowerment to economy alone.


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