Run For Teal Marathon 2018

Aahna Foundation's first big cause promotional event organised on 9th September, 2018.

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Total Fever and Oximeter Screening Count till date 4525...

Aahna Foundation conducted FEVER SCREENING and OXIMETER (SpO2 Monitoring) TEST Camps in Mumbai at various levels...

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I still remember the day I was diagnosed with PCOS like yesterday. I remember sitting in my gynecologist clinic wondering how the heck I got here. Just a couple of days before I had gone to my dermatologist for skin care and now I was being sent to gynecologist for further testing because I might have a syndrome that has caused me to struggle with my weight, lowered self-esteem, caused awful acne breakouts, lead me to an eating disorder and could possibly take me down the path of infertility. At 16 it was scary bomb that I was not prepared for. PCOS is one of the most common hormonal endocrine disorders in women. “It affects 5-10 percent of women of child bearing age, with less than 50 percent of women diagnosed. PCOS is responsible for 70 percent of infertility issues in women who have difficulty ovulating”.


Aradhana Abhijit Gaware

 (Founder & President)

 Aahna Foundation

I think it is really important syndrome to understand. A lot of time women have symptom linked to PCOS but think they are normal for their body or they are just over weight or they just have bad skin and don’t realize there are underling issues that are causing such things to happen in their body, thus not healing properly. It is a long journey but it is soaked in love and hopefully it can help inspire someone. Out there who might be suffering or wondering what is going on in her body.

Aahna Foundation is proud to announce that our founder, Mrs Aradhana Abhijit Gaware has received a prestigious Global Achievers Award (Regd. by Gov. of M.P, India) on 10th November 2019, for her constant efforts towards working for our cause. We are proud of your achievement Aradhana Gaware, for making our foundation's identity crucial in the field of PCOS awareness through your hard work and care


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